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What to do After an Accident

No matter how experienced of a driver you may be, an accident could happen to you. If you are involved in an accident, remain calm and follow the tips provided below, to lessen the stress caused by this unfortunate situation.

  • Stop your vehicle and if necessary, move it to a safe position near the location of the accident. The law requires you to stop at the accident scene: failure to do so could result in a traffic ticket or warrant for you arrest.
  • If your vehicle is not drivable, call a tow company to move your vehicle. Get the name, address and phone number of the towing company.
  • Check all parties for injuries. Everyone who can walk should move to a safe location. If necessary call 911 for medical assistance.
  • Exchange contact information (names, addresses and phone numbers) with all parties involved in the accident.
  • Get the year make model, license plate number, insurance carrier and insurance policy number for all vehicles involved.
  • Identify any witnesses to the accident and gather their contact information.
  • Contact the police. The police will advise you if their response to the scene is necessary. Contact the police if the accident is a hit and run, if there are injuries to people or if it is apparent that liability will be disputed. If police are present at the scene of the accident, get the name of the officer, phone number and the police report number.
  • Do not admit fault. Give details of the accident and cooperate with the police in providing answers to their questions.
  • If you have a camera in your possession, take photos of the damage to the vehicle, accident scene and people involved.
  • As soon as possible call your insurance company.
  • Call TECUMSEH AUTOBODY  517-424-0123. We will secure your vehicle, assist  you with your claim and provide an estimate for your car repair.